Futurama — Big Piece of Garbage

A giant ball of garbage is heading toward earth and the gang learns what caused it. Early settlers of New York City couldn’t figure out where to dump all their garbage. After the barges filled up, the citizens were able to acquire a rocket and shoot the garbage into space. The trash is coming back though!


Friends — The One Where Joey Loses his Health Insurance

Joey loses his health insurance from SAG because he hasn’t been working enough jobs. He laments to Chandler that he now has to be more careful until he gets enough interviews to qualify again. The next day Joey gets a hernia, but won’t go to the hospital because he can’t afford. He tries to do a few different auditions with the hernia, but none of them really work in his favor.

Shameless — Hipsters in a Bar

In this clip you see a bar that’s on the South Side of Chicago. The bar is usually dead but very recently “hipsters” discovered the bar. They thought that the snide Russian bartender and expensive drinks made the place different and appealing to them.┬áThis bar serves cheap low end alcohol and in the video you can see price discrimination happening. The prices start to change and become higher when the bar serves the hipsters because they are able to pay those high prices versus the people from south side that can’t. The hipsters are also not realizing they are being scammed when the low end vodka is put in a more expensive brand’s bottle.

Thanks for the clip and summary Fiona Brandman!

Adam Ruins Everything — Eyeglass Monopoly

Eyeglasses in the United States can cost hundreds of dollars and that’s probably because 80% of glasses are manufactured by one firm under different brand names. Because they produce both luxury and basic brands, they are able to raise prices well beyond a more competitive price. Luxottica even owns many of the sunglasses stores, which gives them buying power over inputs.

The Simpsons — Blinky the Fish

Bart and Lisa are fishing when Bart pulls out a fish with three eyes. The end of the clip reveals they are fishing from a stream close to the town’s Nuclear Power Plant.┬áThis clip displays the concept of negative externalities, as the three-eyed fish was implied to be a product of runoff from the nuclear power plant.

Thanks for the clip and summary Peter Selinsky.

Trading Places — Orange Juice Trading

It’s time to short sell the orange juice commodities in Trading Places. Billy and Louis wait for the right price to sell and then hear from the Secretary of Agriculture that the market for oranges won’t be as bad as anticipated so then turn around to buy cheap.

NYC Debate — Rent is Too Damn High

Many have seen Jimmy McMillan as a meme, but so few have gotten to see him in the NYC debates. McMillan argues that rent in New York City is too high and should be regulated by the government. This is a good clip to use before a discussion on price ceilings and the normative argument of prices being ‘too high’.

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